Comparative and superlative adjectives

What are comparative and superlative adjectives?


Comparative express the comparison between two or more (comparison between attributes)

Superlative express the highest or a very high degree of a quality (attribute)

*Comparative adjectives are made by placing "more" in front of normal adjectives.

*Superlative adjectives are made by adding "the most" in front of normal adjectives.

*Add the article before most when you are making superlative

*There are many irregular adjectives that have special comparative and superlative forms (good/better/best, bad/worse/worst).


Normal adjective: beautiful, good

Comparative adjective: more beautiful, better

Superlative adjective: the most beautiful, the best

Exercise (quiz)

1. John is ____ than my other friends. He is almost 100 kg
2. Here is the one of the ____ cities in the world
3. Make the following adjective superlative: "delicious"
4. Choose the comparative form for "easy"
5. What is the superlative form of tall?