Test Your Vocabulary

Test your vocabulary size

Note: This test is entirely up to you. In order to get correct results, you should choose only words that you know well. If you are not sure you know the word well then do not choose it.

How many words should you know at which level?

Table: Approximate number of active and passive words that should be based on CEFR levels
Level Active Words Range Passive Words Range
A1 0-300 0-600
A2 301-750 601-1500
B1 751-1500 1501-3000
B2 1501-3000 3001-6000
C1 3001-5500 6001-11000
C2 5501-11000 11001-20000+
CEFR: European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment

Vocabulary has two types of functioning in the individual that are active and passive words. The numbers of active words are less than passives. Because peoeple understand thousands of words on different subjects by listening, reading and seeing, but they can use only the words in line with their interests and the words used commonly (especially when speaking). The words people use to understand are passive, and the words that are used to express and build new structures are called active words.
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